Our accommodation is fully rented, so you have the security that during your stay you will not live with any other client.

We have material on services and tourist resources of our region in digital format, to avoid contact with physical materials.

We have a disinfection protocol to apply immediately if any suspicious case is detected that has been transferred to a health center.

We have detailed information on nearby health centers and hospitals (with address, telephone number and opening hours).

The accommodation has been perfectly ventilated and disinfected to make your stay safe. We have taken special care in the disinfection of knobs, handles, taps and places and objects that may have been tampered with.

All staff entering the rooms, including cleaning staff, are required to wear a mask and gloves.

We have hydroalcoholic and / or disinfectant solutions to make it easier for customers who need it.

We have hydroalcoholic and / or disinfectant solutions in all the stays of our accommodation.

For the payment of the services we have devices compatible with remote payment devices (without contact).

To check in, we have the “Check in scan” application, which the customer can use on their own mobile phone, all they need is to scan their Identiti Document or PASSPORT data. This minimizes the time and contact required for entry to the accommodation.



We have redesigned our already demanding processes to ensure your safety and ours to the maximum.

• Prolonged natural ventilation of all rooms.
• Greater demand in cleaning practices, following the recommendations of Health.
• Use of disinfectants in the cleaning of rooms: textiles, surfaces and objects.
• Washing at high temperature or with disinfectants of all household linen: sheets, towels, cloths …
• Machine wash with high temperature of the dishes, glassware, cutlery …
• We recommend payment for the stay by card, or bank transfer.
• Dispensers of hydroalcoholic solutions in common areas.
• Masks available to customers who request it.
• We have detailed information on the population’s health centers: health center and
county hospital, with address, telephone numbers and location.
• We monitor our own health and how we interact to reduce risks.
• We reduce or adapt the decorative elements and accessories to minimize the possibility of


• Respect and accept the rules we have established.
• Use the dishwasher to clean the utensils you use during your stay.
• Deposit the waste you generate in the containers: do not leave it in the house or any outside area such as barbecues. There are specific containers at the entrance to the estate.
• Help us to improve our services, through your suggestions and informing us of possible
• Maintain general prevention measures both among you and with the community you visit.
• Bring your own cribs, games, books, etc. We have temporarily “confined” ours.

Come and visit us with all confidence!