2024 Prices 

Low Season: (January 3 to February 29)

  • Weekend or 2 nights – €897 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€350
  • Full week (6 nights / 7 days) – €1,997 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€297

Holy Week and other holidays:

  • Weekend or 2 nights – €1497 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€480

Mid Season: (March 1 to May 30, September 30 to December 22)

  • Weekend or 2 nights – €1397 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€480
  • Full week (6 nights / 7 days) – €2,497 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€390

High Season: (May 31 to June 30 and September 2 to September 29)

  • Weekend or 2 nights – €1697 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€597
  • Full week (6 nights/7 days) – €3,897 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€530

Extra Season: (July 1 to September 1) In August, the minimum stay is 3 nights

  • Weekend or 2 nights: €1897 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€597
  • Full week (6 nights/7 days) – €3,997 (check-in at 7:00 pm and check-out at 6:00 pm) – Extra night +€530

All these base prices are for up to 15 people.

Extra Beds: €50

For other situations, please inquire.

Tourist tax is not included.


Extra Beds Service: We offer the option of extra beds for €50 for up to a week (6 nights). This service provides an additional solution for those who need more spaces for a comfortable stay.

Baby Pack: Free Crib and High Chair We offer a Baby Pack that includes the free use of a crib and a high chair (subject to availability). We are committed to providing amenities for all ages and ensuring a pleasant stay for the whole family.

Pet Admission Service: We accept pets with a supplement of €8 per day per animal. We understand that pets are part of the family, and we are happy to provide a welcoming environment for all.

Firewood Box Service: We offer a box of firewood weighing approximately 30 kg for €15. You can choose whether you want it for the barbecue (premium) or if you prefer to use it for the fireplace.

Paella Rental Service: Paella rental costs €15, including a paella, a stove, and a gas cylinder. It is important to note that these paellas cannot be used for the barbecue.

Pool Towel Rental Service: We offer the pool towel rental service at a price of €4 per unit. This service provides you with the convenience of using towels specifically intended for the pool.

Additional Services: Wine tastings, ham, cheese, and foie gras pairings Catering for your group meals. Group Yoga Class.

Early Check-in:

Check-in at 3:00 pm = +€90

Check-in at 1:00 pm = +€120

Check-in at 10:00 am = +€150

For 1-week stays: If you want an extra bedding set, it will cost €5 for person. 

If you want an extra towel set, it will cost €5 for person. 

If you want an extra cleaning during the week, it will cost €200.

General Conditions

The house is rented entirely. The capacity is for 15 people with the possibility of adding extra beds or cribs. Cribs for children under 2 years (free). Please request them in advance. For a greater number of people, consult.


The kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are fully equipped. Modification or introduction of furniture and appliances not belonging to the house is not allowed. The tenant will be responsible for any damage that may occur to the house during their stay. The owner is not responsible for any items of the tenant found in the house during the stay, nor for their loss or damage.

Check-in and Check-out Times:

Weekends or 2 nights: Check-in is from 6:00 PM. Check-out is before 6:00 PM.

Full week (6 nights/7 days): Check-in is at 6:00 PM, and check-out is before 6:00 PM.

We offer the possibility of entering the house in the morning or at other times depending on availability, with an additional supplement. This service allows greater flexibility in the check-in time to better suit your needs.

Guests with Reduced Mobility:

The ground floor accommodation is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility and allows wheelchair access. We have a room and bathroom adapted for these cases. If you intend to come with a wheelchair, please inform us in advance. In this case, we will proceed to install the entrance ramp, which is not normally installed. We appreciate your prior communication to ensure a comfortable and accessible stay.


We accept one pet with a supplement of 8 euros per day of stay. However, in case of incidents, accidents, or damages, the responsibility will always lie with the owner of the pet.

Reservation Procedure:

You can make your reservations through our website or by email.

To formalize and confirm the reservation, it is necessary to make an initial payment of 25% of the amount, by bank transfer. The remaining amount is settled upon arrival at the house.

Security Deposit: A security deposit of €300 is required for 2 nights or a weekend, and €400 for a stay of more than 2 nights for possible damages to the furniture, utensils, or facilities of the house. This will be returned at the end of your stay, within a maximum of 48 hours after departure, deducting if necessary the cost of repair or replacement of broken, damaged, or missing items.

In case of any incidents during your stay, we strongly recommend that you notify us as soon as possible. This will allow us to address the situation and find a solution immediately. Your collaboration and early communication are essential to ensure a satisfactory stay and take appropriate measures in a timely manner.

If there are indications that any rule has been violated, the property reserves the right not to return the security deposit.

Identification Document Requirement for Guest Registration:

To comply with current regulations, it is necessary to provide, on the day of entry, the identification document of the people staying overnight. This information is essential to pass the corresponding registration to the relevant authorities, in accordance with the law. To facilitate this process, we use an application that allows scanning the document efficiently and securely. We appreciate your collaboration and understanding in this procedure.

Reservation Cancellation Policy:

The booking deposit payment is non-refundable.

However, if the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the check-in date, the deposit will be retained to be applied towards a future stay.

Full payments made in advance are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

In the event that a reservation is made for a specific number of people or extras are booked (such as additional services, visits, etc.) and these are not utilized or there is a reduction in the number of guests, the corresponding payments for these individuals or extras will not be refunded in case of non-utilization.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Important Rules and Recommendations:

No Parties Without Notice: It is not allowed to organize parties without prior notice.

No Smoking Indoors: Smoking inside the house is strictly prohibited. We provide portable ashtrays and also others installed outside for guests who wish to smoke outdoors.

No Confetti or Glitter: The prohibition of throwing confetti or glitter must be respected both inside and outside.

Decoration with Responsibility: In case of decorating, all decoration must be removed after use.

Caution with Cake Sparklers: It is not recommended to bring cake sparklers, as they can trigger the fire alarm due to smoke.

Age Restriction: The house is not rented to young people of a short age.

Preservation of Antique Furniture: It is not allowed to move or take antique furniture outside the house, as they are valuable and appreciated. This includes wooden kitchen chairs.

Other Furniture: It is not allowed to change the location of the furniture.

We appreciate your collaboration in maintaining the arrangement of the furniture as it is to ensure a tidy and comfortable environment for all guests. If there is any specific need, please contact us to find a suitable solution.

Cleaning and Tidiness: Avoid leaving towels or objects on the garden or pool lawn. Also, do not leave tables or porch chairs outside. At night, the sprinklers are turned on.

Garbage Management: Use the special area for garbage, with zones for different types of waste. It is not allowed to leave garbage in the house or its surroundings.

Energy and Water Saving: Please be mindful of electricity, water, and charcoal consumption to contribute to sustainability. Always close the front door and windows when leaving.

Respect for Furniture and Facilities: Be kind to the furniture and facilities of the house. We appreciate that all guests enjoy a comfortable and clean environment.

These rules aim to ensure a safe and pleasant stay for all guests. We appreciate your cooperation and respect.

Non-compliance with Conditions:

The property reserves the right to admission. Any non-compliance with the established rules may result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation or stay at the house, with the immediate expulsion of guests, without the right to any economic compensation.

Important Safety Information:

Please note that the accommodation is equipped with 4 alarm cameras with surveillance on the exterior facades to ensure the safety of guests and the protection of the property. These cameras are strategically located to monitor the external areas of the accommodation.

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